Welcome to the 31337 Blog! We're glad you are here!

This is a post to introduce who we are and what we're all about. We're an information technology consulting company headquartered in sunny Southern California, although we are distributed around the world as far as North Africa and Central America and travel a lot for work. Between us all, we've got experience dating back to the 1990s when the internet was still fresh and full of promise. This is exactly what we hope to deliver as a company to the world: making the internet an enjoyable and productive place to be, with a healthy dose of full-tilt techno-optimism and an appreciation for bending technology to our will towards ends which everyone can simply smile about.

Currently, our projects are running in a fairly broad range, but mostly we're doing software and web development, with a side of hardware development and computer security research. We're also immersed in the art and design worlds, and we look forward to delivering novel and beautiful experiences through these mediums for you to enjoy as well.

We're always interested in what's around the corner in the tech world that the general public isn't generally aware of yet, and how we can use that to do great things. Examples include research into more secure technology stacks for the world of business and finance, as well as devices such as sound lasers and audiovisual synasthesia experiences. We are open to working with anyone who has an interest in these things as well.

Contact us by email or phone and we'll make some magic happen!